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History of PMP

PMP Fermentation Products, Inc. traces its heritage back to the brewing industry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The classic art of the German brewmaster was the wellspring of knowledge for the development of efficient processes for fermenting gluconate. Early PMP patents described the emergence of special liquid gluconate formulations. In 1985, PMP was acquired by a prominent pharmaceutical company. The fermentation processes were upgraded with sophisticated Japanese computer controlled technology and the application of the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry. In 2003 Fuso Chemical Company of Japan acquired PMP Fermentation and combined their unique skills in the production of fruit acids with PMP’s special talents for producing Gluconate products.

The new company has emerged as a global leader in the fermentation of safe, natural products. PMP Fermentation & Fuso Chemical Co.’s diverse products contribute to a more healthful life for millions of people worldwide through food safety and preservation, and as a source for environmentally friendly chemicals.


Gentle care of human life!
We take care both of human life and the environment gently. Quality is our life. The major objective of PMP Fermentation Products, Inc. is to manufacture products which consistently meet our customers' expectations of quality and service. This objective can only be achieved through a continued commitment to the customer, employee, shareholder and community. Employees of PMP also share in this commitment to excellence through their dedication and service to the organization. PMP Fermentation Products, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.


PMP Fermentation Products, Inc.
900 N.E. Adams Street
Peoria, IL 61603 USA

Phone: (309) 637-0400
Toll Free: (800) 558-1031
Fax: (309) 637-9302

Email: info@pmpinc.com


Company Officers

Takashi Tanimura

Jim Zinkhon

Chikara Ninomiya
Executive Vice President

Dan Rudy
Treasurer, Secretary and Director of Administration

Mari Yamamoto Regnier
Assistant Secretary