Gluconic Acid

PMP Gluconic Acid 50%, Technical is a 50% (w/w) aqueous solution of hydroxycarboxylic acid, which is composed of an equilibrium mixture of gluconic acid and the gamma and delta lactones.


Gluconic Acid 50% is composed of an equilibrium between the free acid and the two lactones. This equilibrium is affected by the mixture's concentration and temperature. A high concentration of the delta-lactone will favor the equilibrium to shift to the formation of gamma-lactone and vice versa. A low temperature favors formation of glucono-delta-lactone while high temperatures will increase formation of glucono-gamma-lactone. Under normal conditions, PMP Gluconic Acid 50% exhibits a stable equilibrium contributing to its clear to light yellow color with low level corrosiveness and toxicity.

General Characteristics:

Chemical Name:
Gluconic Acid
Molecular Weight:
Other Names:
Dextronic acid; Pentahydroxycaproic acid


Gluconic acid has versatile properties through being a polyhydroxycarboxylic acid, with both hydroxyl and carboxyl groups which can react.

Concentrated solutions of gluconic acid contain some lactone (GDL), the neutral cyclic ester, which is less soluble in the cold and possesses no actual acid properties. About 5 % of GdL are present in the 50 % gluconic acid solution at room temperature.

The outstanding property of gluconic acid is its excellent chelating power, especially in alkaline and concentrated alkaline solutions. In this respect, it surpasses all other chelating agents, such as EDTA, NTA and related compounds. Calcium, iron, copper, aluminum and other heavy metals are firmly chelated in alkaline solution and masked in such a way that their interferences are eliminated.

Gluconic acid is stable at the boiling point even of concentrated alkaline solutions. However, it is easily and totally degraded in waste water treatment plants (98% after 2 days).

Standard Packaging & Availability:

PMP Gluconic Acid 50%, Technical is packaged in 55 gallon, 555 lb. net weight plastic drums and is also available in 2500lb totes.

Storage & Handling:

This product should be stored above 60°F since lactones may crystallize at lower temperatures. This product is a slightly corrosive organic acid solution. It is recommended that material of construction and handling be stainless steel, rubber lined steel, epoxy resin coated steel, plastic or glass. The use of aluminum, mild steel, and iron as equipment for materials of construction is not recommended.

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