PMP Liquid Gluconate is a unique blend of Gluconic Acid and Sodium Gluconate in an aqueous solution, having a 60% or 70% equivalent of Sodium Gluconate.  The 60% version is also available as a "light" version where some color has been removed..


Liquid Gluconate, which was developed by PMP Fermentation Products, Inc., is manufactured by a fermentation process yielding a versatile and popularly used gluconate. PMP Fermentation Products, Inc., offers several types of LG. These include both the standard product LG 60 (amber in color) to the LG 60 LT (a lighter version). Other strengths are available. Please contact us for more information.


Specific Gravity:



Gluconates are important industrial chemicals because they employ the principles of sequestration and chelation under unique circumstances. While other compounds share these properties, gluconate is a superior sequestrant and remains stable even in high alkalinity and extremes of temperature.


PMP Liquid Gluconate 60 is packaged in 55 gallon, 600lb. plastic drums, 2500 or 2750 lb Totes and bulk

PMP Liquid Gluconate 60 LT is packaged in 55 gallon, 600lb. plastic drums,2500lb totes and bulk

PMP Liquid Gluconate 70 is packaged in 2700 lb totes and bulk.


PMP Liquid Gluconates do not crystallize even at temperatures below 32°F. However, it is recommended that storage temperature be kept at no lower than 15°F to avoid increase in viscosity. Gentle warming, with agitation, will restore solution. This product is a weak organic acid solution, so it is preferable to use stainless steel, or plastic and glass equipment when storing or handling. The use of aluminum, mild steel, and iron as equipment for materials of construction is not recommended.


Providing outstanding customer service, PMP is the choice for sodium gluconate. This biodegradable, biorenewable product is always available to our customers in a dependable manner.